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Soul Journey of Life

The Conscious Black Social Media

Write Black to We

The place where we write the Black that matters in our lives


  • – Chat with family and Friends
  • – Live Voice Calling, Video Chat
  • – Create a to do list to remind you of that special task
  • Meet new people about that cause
  • – Shop Online, Buy Black and support Black owned businesses ✊🏿
  • – Play fun games
  • Post job opportunities
  • Sell your products
  • – Advertise your Black Owned Business
  • – Share knowledge and build towards the greater Unity
  • – Stay Up to date with what’s going on that concern Us 🧔🏿👩🏿
  • – Control the narrative and post what matters to you.👍🏿

It’s Time We Take Control of Our Narrative

When we can speak the Black that matters to us and have to be censored by others who do not have the Black interest at heart, it becomes time for us to move on and speak on our own platform. We should not have to ask permission from other races of people to speak what means truth to us. Soul Journey of Life is here for this very purpose: Establish a platform for us as a people to speak from the soul. We are a people of many nations, tongues and likenesses. We have agreat conversation among us that should not be silence simply because we have ‘Black facts’ to speak of.

Our goal is to provide an online social media that connects with people of all types from among the African Diaspora community and at what ever spiritual level of development they may be with the benefits of a unity. Bringing our circles closer together, we see us as one people, liken to one human being. What benefits the parts benefits the whole. When the whole is benefited, we have unifying and successful earthly and heavenly existence together. Soul Journey of Life hopes to participate in this continuous noble service to humanity.  Let us all come together with unity among the African Diaspora Family.

Why join this Soul Journey?

Ours is a life long journey unlike no other on the face of this earth. My mind, body and soul tested generation after generation unlike no other. A soul journey of life which can only bring us together unlike no other as kindred, a people of mutual, even spiritual experience. We are an ever awakening people, ever growing, ever glowing, the African Diaspora. All around the world are people who are just like us, desiring to understand who we are and from where we come. It is the inner sense of family unity that keeps driving us towards each other, even though we may clash over often trivial matters, our hearts want unity.

Who are those of the African Diaspora?

It is not just story of those who suffered, robbed of the names, culture and identity, but it is an ongoing story of our trials and challenges as we fight for unity, dignity, self determination and respect. We are one wherever we are. We are Black. We are African and as it has been said, “We all may not be born in the land called Africa today, but Africa is certainly born in us.”