Peace be with you and may you be well in health, body, mind and spirit. This is the center circle of Soul Journey of Life. There is an old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In the center of some old villages of Africa there is a circle where the elders sit and discuss the matters of importance concerning the village they live in. It is here in the deepest part of the village where communities gather to share knowledge and wisdom, business methods and events going on. It is no wonder that the old saying is very deep. Today, we are the children of such an ancient peoples. In Soul Journey of Life, a platform aimed at bringing us closer together to better know one another and become a stronger people, it only makes sense that at the core of this be the Village Circle.
Please note the Village Circle is an Open and Public Chatroom with features such as live video and audio call, that are seperate from your messenger or Inbox. Your primary login information will not work here. You must register to use this each time as the user listing is cleared each week.  Anyone visiting the site can register and use this after agreeing to our terms and conditions. Have you any questions, suggestions, comments or criticisms, do not hesitate to present them here. Particularly there is the Support, Suggestion Box and Help Center for your convenience. Safi sana.

Village Achievements

Village Circle Violet Coin

1000 Village Unity Coins

Profile Completion

100 Village Unity Coins

Profile Completion Progress

50 Village Unity Coins