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Let me share with you the origin of Soul Journey of Life

There has been a wave of unifying energy across the African Diaspora community. Taking advantage of the opportunity to promote closer ties and stronger communication. A small little known Black owned company, Soul Journey of Life has ascended out of the roughs of the times to provide a medium for social communication in the fight for unity among the people of Africa and its descendants.

Soul Journey of Life’s Beginnings. Who Knew? (Oh and yeah, that is a much younger yours truly! )


…a medium for social communication in the fight for unity among the people of Africa and its descendants.

“I wanted to create something that would help bring us together.” Abdulwadud, owner of Soul Journey of Life reports. “In an age where there is a lot of frustration, confusion and even desperation for change in the lives of my people, I endeavored to create something with the hopes that it could help in the cause and make a difference. Soul Journey of Life represents the identity of this struggle for me. Since even my own life has been nothing but struggle as has many others from among the so-called African Diaspora community. It wasn’t but a month ago that I learned of my African Tribal genetic identity. I was not just excited, but very moved when I learned of my relationship to the Temne tribe who are present today in the west African country called Sierra Leone. My interest in the ’cause’ did not begin with this moment however, rather it began as far back as I can remember being about seven or eight years old. I knew deep inside that I had some kind of relationship with the people in motherland Africa and I wanted more than anything to connect with my motherland just as one has a bond with one’s own mother.”

“I wanted to create something that would help bring us together.”

Soul Journey of Life began as a Black owned small herbal flee market based shop located in Columbus, Ohio. Inspired by a late elder mentor of his, Sister Na’ima Amaturahman (may she never be forgotten and rest in peace), Abdulwadud set up his shop neighboring his elder mentor’s, selling teas, cookies and natural organic products was a passion for it’s owner even to this very day. The business world however, was not very kind and as a result of major increase in rental fees, the small herbal shop had to close up only six months after it had just opened. Although crushed emotionally, Abdulwadud vowed to keep the name of his business alive and that some day he would bring it back to life in some form or another.

My greatest challenge has always been to strive to attract my own people for whom this business was dedicated for in the first place…

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  1. Salamu alaykum aki,indeed in sha allah it willl grow and as you seee this unfold beccause you help your people and watch how your good will turn to help you which helps us all in sha allah .
    Allah is with those who do good

  2. I am a Pan-Afrikan revolutionary Marxist – Leninist, resident of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.
    I solidly unite with the spirit and idea of the concept you have stated, Afrikans helping Afrikans, doing for self at home and abroad. That’s the spirit of the Honorable MARCUS GARVEY being kept alive and put into action. My thinking is that this web site, SOUL JOURNEY OF LIFE, can become a stepping stone or cornerstone to attract other sistas and brothers, thinkers and doers, that we might gather and meet one another to express ideas with the hope of winning some of us to those ideas to take them from the realm of ideas to the concrete realm of reality under that aspect of the NGOSU-SABA of collective work and responsibility. I see this thing blowing up big-time Brother and Sistas, big-time. PEACE.

    1. Peace be with you family. You have ideas that are welcomed to be shared here. It might be a good idea, if you are interested to create a group based upon the details you have described and then invite others of like mind to it making it your bases of what your objectives are.